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Lesson Pricing & F.A.Q.


Private Lessons
These lessons include 1 instructor, 1 rider and approximately 30 minutes of riding time. $40

Group Lessons
Minimum 3 riders with 1 instructor and 45 minutes of riding time. $30

“You Want to Ride or Drive Too?”
Parents with children enrolled in the riding program can take private lessons at a discounted rate of $30
(For each regular lesson purchased one discounted parent lesson is available)

Daily Package
Includes 1 instructor, and 3 rides for a single rider consisting of two private lessons of approximately 30 minutes each and 1 practice ride without instruction. Rider grooms their horses. $80

Lesson Package
You pay for 10 private lessons and you get one free lesson to be used in a 60 day period. Lessons are 45 minutes Must be prepaid. $400

Five Gaited Lessons
You must be evaluated by our instructors in previous lessons to qualify to take a five gaited lesson. $100

Show Horse Lesson
You must be evaluated by our instructors in previous lessons to qualify to take a show horse lesson. $150


Special Programs

Horse Care Program
30 minutes of saddle time and 30 minutes of grooming. $40

Youth Group Program
Free to all students of North Wind’s Riding Academy with meetings to be announced.

Rescue Program (Special Giving Program)
Help a horse in need. Learn the basics of grooming and donate to this non for profit group by working with one of our treasures. You can discuss with us riding options as well. A portion of the lesson fee goes to Saddlebred Rescue Inc. a 501c3 non profit. $60 Donation for a one hour session


Entry Level Competition

You have the option to join our Academy Riding Team which allows you to lease a horse and equipment on a per show basis at discounted rates. Most of the local horse shows in New Jersey and Pennsylvania offer Academy competition. Our discounted rates for local shows are $400 per event and for regional shows $500 per event. Ask about our charges to attend the National Academy Finals in Murfreesboro, TN in the fall. In addition to the North Wind All-In Discounted Fee each rider is responsible for their entry fees and bedding expense at the show grounds as well as their room and board while at the show. For more information about this program call our Academy Director Erin McCracken at 815-790-2575 (cell), 908-362-7858 (barn) or email her at




Can I take lessons if I don’t own a horse that is in training at NWS?
Yes, we offer a Lesson Program in which you use our horses. These horses are experienced and can carry riders of varying ages and skill levels. This is an advantage to you. As you improve your skills, you can move up to more advanced horses. NWS is unique in its ability to provide a large and varied selection of lesson mounts; horses which are also able to give you your first show ring experience in the entry-level Academy classes.

What styles of riding do you teach?
We start all new riders in balance seat horsemanship. As a rider progresses, we make the necessary adjustments in technique to accommodate the goals of that individual rider. You can easily transition to saddle seat, western or hunt seat on-the-flat. Our lessons always promote balance and control of the horse, which are essential for trail riding. Or if riding is not your “thing”, we have many lesson horses that can be used for driving.

How old do you have to be to ride?
We do not have a set age limit. We do offer tiny tot lessons and we currently have riders who are well into their seventies! Very young children will be evaluated by the instructor, in conjunction with the child’s parent, to determine if they are ready for lessons.

Do I need to provide a helmet for my lessons?
For the first few lessons, we have helmets available. If you continue to ride, we recommend you purchase your own helmet and have it fitted properly to you.

What type of clothes and shoes do I need to wear when I take riding lessons?
First and foremost, we require long pants, regardless of the weather. Shorts are never permitted. We recommend boots, but for the first lesson, a hard-soled shoe with a heel is allowed. We will direct you in finding appropriate boots.

Do you offer group lessons?
We require all new students to ride in private lessons until we have fully assessed their riding capabilities. Group lessons are available, but on a limited basis.

Can we become involved in more than just riding?
Yes, our instructors are more than willing to teach you the basics of handling and grooming a horse. Please let your instructor know that you have this interest so that appropriate time may be allotted.

Are there showing opportunities available for lesson students?
While no one is required to show, we do have a series of Academy tournament shows that are designed for individuals taking lessons on a stable-owned horse.

Can I get lessons when you are at a show that I am not attending?
Yes, NWS has instructors available that typically do not travel to horse shows. You may schedule a lesson with one of them.