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Lesson Horses


We take great pride in the North Wind Academy program. With it, we recognize that we have the opportunity to teach life lessons and create a life-long love of horses. We use a variety of school mounts, from retired friends to current champions. This encourages students to learn different skills and to allow each rider to advance at an individual and comfortable pace.

Here are some of our current lesson horses:


Piney Flats

At 19 years old, “Rascal” is a true country gentleman for our intermediate saddle seat and western riders. His mellow, friendly nature makes him very versatile around the barn and under saddle. This grandson of the great CH Yorktown is also a veteran of the show ring, and wins many blue ribbons for our academy and show riders. In fact, Rascal just won top honors as Western Country Pleasure Champion at the June, 2011, Devon Horse Show!


Aquarian Brandy

This plucky little Morgan gelding is a willing and quiet partner for beginning and intermediate riders or those new to saddle seat. Because of his size, he’s also a popular choice for children. But don’t be fooled by Brandy’s smaller stature. With his flowing mane and tail and peppy trot, Brandy thinks he’s every bit as pretty as the fancy show horses!



The Prince of Egypt was born in 1999, right when Nealia’s daughter Jessie was enthralled with the Disney movie of the same name. In the barn, he’s known as Moses, a steady and reliable mount for even the most timid rider. He is used often for longe line lessons, very young riders, or those who are just beginning to learn the sport. Moses is a good-natured and willing friend. Don’t forget to give him a treat when you see him!


We are in the process of updating this page with our school horses. More to come!