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Training Pricing & F.A.Q.


Can I take lessons and not own a horse that is in Training at NWS?
Yes we offer a Lesson Program where you use our horses. Our lesson horses are experienced and can carry riders at different levels. This is an advantage to you. As you improve your skills you can move up to more advanced horses. Many riding/training facilities do not offer the selection of lesson horses as NWS. This also allows you the opportunity to show at the entry level Academy Program as well. You will have a lot of choice to model your riding program to your needs. (Select the “Lesson Program” menu button for more information about the Lesson and Academy programs.)

What does your Training include?
$1100 / month (ask about multi horse discounts)

Our training fee includes board as well as training. Our training schedule for your horse is as follows: Each horse gets worked 6 days a week. Our highly qualified staff provides for the complete care of your horse from feeding and stall cleaning to grooming and maintenance clipping your horse. Our trainers will select a work program for your horse that fits both the horses and your goals. As an owner with your horse in Training the owner also receives weekly lessons that are included in the monthly training fee. (Full Body clips are extra as well as blanket cleaning)

What styles of riding do you train and teach?
We start all new riders in a balanced seat. As a rider progresses we make the necessary changes to meet the goals of a rider whether it be Saddleseat, Western, or Huntseat on the flat. If riding is not your "thing", we have many lesson horses that can be used in driving lessons. Our lessons always teach balance and control of the horse which is a MUST for trail riding.

What, if any, equipment do you require me to provide if I have a horse in training?
You are required to have all the equipment needed to show your horse. Such as show bridle, saddle, sheets, coolers, blankets etc. for showing as well as at home. We do not require you to purchase any work equipment. If you do not have all the equipment needed we work with you to help you purchase it in a fashion that fits your budget. NWS provides all bits.

What disciplines do you train your horses in?
My love for American Saddlebreds has caused me to train in all disciplines with special attention given to what your individual horse is best suited for. These disciplines include but are not limited to Five Gaited, Three Gaited, Fine Harness, Equitation, Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Western, and Hunt Seat.

Do you do short term training?
We do offer a new 3 month package that may be of interest to you. Whether its a tune up, evaluation for sale or you just want to see what we are about our package is $2500 for 3 months. This includes full training, evaluation where we work closely with the owner and professional photography of your horse. It also includes a social media profile for sale ads option.

Does my horse have to be a Saddlebred for you to train it?
No, we also train Morgans and Hackneys but we will be glad to discuss your needs on a case by case basis to determine what we can do for you and your horse. We will not take any horse that we feel our training program will not help.

What type of shows do you go to?
We go to whatever shows are necessary to meet the needs of our customers. We go to small shows as well as large anywhere from Littleville to Louisville-The World's Championship Horse Show.

Do I have to show my horse?
Of course not. My love for horses is not limited to show horses. If your expectations and or needs can be met in our program we will be more than happy to train your horse without you showing it.

What extras would I be billed for if my horse was in training?
The horse owner is expected to pay all vet bills and shoeing bills (these are billed directly by the vendor) Vitamins as required for the health of the horse. Blanket laundry and repair. Show expenses, shipping and entries.

How many lessons a week do I get?
If you live in the general vicinity and are able, most people come out twice a week. As part of your training fee you are entitled to two lessons a week (these are not cumulative over a period of time and no discount is given for lessons not taken). People who do not live in the immediate area will come in and spend several days working with their horse as well as practice horses.

Do you have lesson horses available for practice?

Yes. We at NWS have several horses used for lessons and practice. Depending on your desire for improvement we have a variety of lessons offered for our training customers to improve their skills in and out of the show ring.

Can I get lessons when you are at a show and I do not go?
Yes, NWS has instructors available that do not typically go to horse shows. You may schedule a lesson with one of them at no extra charge if your horse is in training.

Do you have horses available to lease if I don't own my own or can't for some reason show my own?
North Wind Stables keeps several practice horses at all times many of which are very competitive in the show ring. Some of these horses are available for lease and while there is no guarantee we do try to accommodate our customers in every way possible.

Do I have to find a blacksmith or vet for my horse?
All horses in training at NWS are under the care of NWS and will use our vet and blacksmith. We will handle all needs of your horse's worming shots etc. and all bills come from the provider to you and you will pay them directly. You will know what was done and will be able to keep your records up to date. You will not need to be available to work with the blacksmith or vet.